Saturday, December 31, 2011

Steward, Bring Me My Milk Bottle Or I'll Chuck A Hissy Fit

Traitor and ex-Australian spinner Steward McFrill aka Stewie McGirl aka Stuart MacGill (in more politically correct circles) hasn't featured on this blog since 2005. Can you believe that? I sure can. Bastard let the team down when we needed him most.

Anyway, so here's not-so-young Stewie, doing his best impression of -yes, you guessed it - a little McGirl in a pink frock. Not that Cow Tse Tung has anything against Pink.

I love pink. I mean, I just drank this shit diet energy drink called Pink this evening instead of having a meal so that when they milked me on the first day of 2012 tomorrow, I'd produce a viable alternative to Red Bullshit and V for Vagina.Got Milk?

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rayon Harassed by Cheater Liddle

Peter Siddle and Ryan Harris Training for the India-Australia Test Series 2011-2012. 

Word is that Rayon Harass's (aka Ryan Harris to you educated ones, and Lion Hallas to you chinky Asians) parents named him so because they thought he was like rejuvenated cellulose. After a forced hiatus due to purported injury and spurious-liquor-intake, I can't see no cellulose, but cellugain and again, the cellulite seems to be anything but lite, Rayon.

Here's Cheater Liddle (aka Peter Siddle), who's actually not a liddle cheater but a big one at that. You might say that's an extremely uninformed opinion, but I bet you hadn't seen this photo of Liddle subtly threatening physical violence  against Harass with his toy dagger...

Friday, December 23, 2011

If You're Petrified of Mickey Arthur, Good Luck Playing The Currymunchers, Ed Cowan!

A reliable source tells us that top odour fartsman, Ed Cowan, no relation to Edith Cowan, or Edith Cowan University was actually called Ed Coward before he stank up Australian cricket. Don't believe this source of ultimate truth? Look at the evidence above. Even choker South African coach Mickey Farter scares this fellow!